How do I access my downloads

Thank you for choosing [store name]. We appreciate your business and pride ourselves on prompt, reliable customer service. To access your downloads please follow the following steps:

1. Log into your account at [store website].
2. On the left side of the page, find “My Downloadable Products.”
3. Here you will find links for your downloadable items. You will also find the links for your downloads in the email confirmation of your order.

To view your downloads, please make sure that you have QuickTime or Windows Media installed on your computer. If your downloads are PDFs, you’ll need Adobe Reader.

What programs can I use to play my video files?

There are a number of video players to choose from, but here are some recommendations for common free video players. Click a link below to learn more about or download a video player.

M4V video files: VLC Media Player, Quick Time Player
MP4 video files: VLC Media Player, Quick Time Player
WMV video files: VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player

How do I save my downloads to my computer?

Thank you for choosing [store name]. To save the link for your download to your desktop or to a specific folder, you will need to right click the link and then select where you would like your link to be saved.

I am having troubles with my downloads

Thank you for choosing [store name]. If you are having trouble accessing your downloads, try clearing the cache and all cookies from your browser before downloading. You can also right click the link to the download and choose “save target as” to save the link to your computer for downloading.

Please copy/paste the below link into a new address bar to play the download using QuickTime or Windows Media player. You can also save the download to your desktop for future reference.

Can I use my downloads on my Ipad, Ipod & Iphone:

Thank you for choosing [store name]. The mp4 downloads will work on your iPod / iPhone / iPad, but the file will need to be updated. Here are the steps you need to convert your file:

1) Download the video by right-clicking the link and saving the file to your computer.
2) Add the file to your iTunes "Movies" playlist.
3) Select the video in iTunes, then in the application menu (found at the top of the screen) click Advanced -> Create iPod / iPhone / iPad version.
4) This will create a version of the file compatible with your iPod / iPhone / iPad.
5) Sync that file via iTunes.

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