Login & Password Issues

I can’t log in to the website

Thank you for choosing [store name]. If you are having problems logging in to your account, first check to make sure that you are correctly typing your user name and password (log-in information is case sensitive). If you are still having troubles, it could mean that you have not registered an account on the website. To verify if you have an account, please contact us at 800-258-0929 and a customer service specialist can make sure you are a registered user.

I forgot my password—how do I get a new one?

Thank you for choosing [store name]. To request a new password, please click on “Forgot Your Password” on the login page. We will send you a temporary password via email. Use the temporary password to log in. From there, you’ll be able to reset your password to whatever you choose.

I have forgotten my password on the TV website

Thank you for choosing [TV site]. I have temporarily reset your password to:_. Please log in using your email address and temporary password. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to reset your password. Use the temporary password as your “old” password, then enter your new password, confirm and save.

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