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Writers Digest University FAQ's

What is the cancellation policy? Can I get a refund?

We’re absolutely confident that you will enjoy and benefit from your online workshop experience, and your paid registration guarantees a place for you. Because that place cannot be filled after the registration cut-off date, if circumstances do force you to withdraw, the following refund policies apply:

If you cancel up to two business days prior to the start of the workshop, you are entitled to a full credit toward another workshop (valid for six months) OR a full refund less a $75 administrative and cancellation fee.

No refunds will be given less than two business days prior to the start of the workshop.

Workshop credits must be applied to another workshop registration within six months. Credits cannot be changed into refunds.

If we cancel or reschedule a course, you are entitled to a full credit or refund without any assessment of administrative fees.

In order to cancel your registration, you must notify us by email at moc.aidemwf|nimdawowdw#moc.aidemwf|nimdawowdw; refund calculations will be based on the date/time the email is received by us. Your email message must include: your full name, user name and password, the name and date of the workshop class, and your return email address.

Failure to “attend” class, failure to submit assignments, and/or notifying the instructor DOES NOT constitute official cancellation. Refunds take 4-6 weeks to process, and will only be given via the same form of payment you used when registering.

How do I access my course?

Thank you for choosing Writers Digest Univeristy. To access your course, go to www.writersdigestuniversity.com, click on “Student Login” and enter your username and password. These are case sensitive.

After you’ve logged in to Blackboard, click on the title of the course under “My Courses.”

It should bring up a list on the left hand side of the screen with Dashboard, Orientation, Student Services, Course Content, etc. If it does not, there will be a little tab on the left hand side with a > mark. Click on that tab and the list should appear.

How do the university courses work?

Thank you for choosing Writers Digest University. Below you will find instructions on how the university courses work.

Reading Assignments
Not all workshops have textbooks, but if yours does, please note that the texbook is an integral part of the course. To access your reading assignments click on the “Reading Assignment” link in the corresponding session. You should try to read the textbook assignments before each session, and review them before sending in the writing assignments. You can read "ahead" if you like.

Lecture Materials
This is the area where lectures, creative exercises and lecture supplements are posted. Lectures become "live" on the first day of each of your workshop sessions, and will remain live for the entire workshop. (Note: You will not be able to access a lecture until the session begins.)

These lectures supplement the textbook readings and provide additional examples and explanations of the session's topic. In order to provide a consistent level of instruction to all students, these lectures have been prepared by members of the Advisory Board of Writers Online Workshops (not necessarily by your instructor, although some of our Advisory Board members also teach). Workshop developers have been carefully chosen from experts in the field; in some cases, the workshop developer is also the textbook author.

If your course has additional creative exercises or lecture supplements they will also be available on this page. Feel free to complete your creative exercises in Critic’s Corner for additional critiques.

Submitting Your Assignment
You'll use the “Submit Assignment” link to submit writing assignments to your instructor for private feedback. You can either compose your assignment offline and attach the file or write it in the space provided. Please note: only you and the instructor have access to this submission.

Once you've attached or pasted your assignment and any accompanying comments into the Submission box, you must click on the “Submit” button located at the bottom of the page to actually send the assignment to your instructor. You can also save an assignment as a draft and submit it at a later date.

IMPORTANT: You are only allowed one assignment attempt per session, so double-check your assignment before you hit the “Submit” button. Note: You can save your assignment as a draft and come back to it at a later date, but once you click “Submit” you will not be able to submit another assignment for that session.

DO NOT USE THE “ASSIGNMENT” BOX TO SEND QUESTIONS TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR SEPARATE FROM YOUR ASSIGNMENT. If you do, you will not be able to submit your assignment. Questions can be asked publicly in the Message Board or privately using “Ask the Instructor.” You can also include any comments with your assignment in the corresponding “Comments” box.

Each assignment is due by end of day the Sunday after the session begins. Please adhere to the assignment deadlines; the instructor may not be able to read and evaluate assignments within a session if they are not submitted on time. If you are unable to complete an assignment by the indicated deadline, contact your instructor for options.

Once the instructor has provided their comments you will be notified on the dashboard. You can also click on “Submit Assignment” in the corresponding session to see the instructor’s comments. If you have any additional questions or concerns for your instructor post them in the “Ask the Instructor” section.

Critics' Corner
If you've never been part of a critique group, Critics' Corner may feel a little alien to you at first. It is hard for some students to put their work on display for the first time. But we encourage you to spend significant time in Critics' Corner—getting feedback on your writing and participating in the critique of your classmates' work. This is a rare opportunity to interact with writers who have the same goals, who are interested in the same kind of writing, who are learning just like you are. Learning to give and receive constructive criticism is a big part of being a writer. Give your fellow students the benefit of your considered, specific comments and see how your efforts will be repaid in kind.

The Critics' Corner section works much like a blog does. To submit your work for critique click on the “Critic’s Corner” link, then click “Create Critique Entry” button. You can post your session assignment or creative exercises. There is no limit to the number of posts you can submit. Once you have inputted your work click the “Post Entry” button to post it for critique. Please note, you can also save it as a draft to post it at a later date.

If another user in the course has posted their work for critique it will show up in the right hand column under “More Critiques”. Simply click on the link, read the post and give your feedback in the comments section.

Message Board
The Message Board is a great way to interact with both your instructor and other users in the course. It’s an open forum for you to express your questions, thoughts, inspiration, etc… There is a separate Message Board for each session to help organize the conversations.

To participate in the forum you can either start a conversation/topic/thread by clicking the “Create Thread Button”. Then simply input a title and your content then click “Submit”. You can also attach any documents to your post with the attachment button below the content box. You can reply to an active post by clicking on the “Reply” button. You can also subscribe to the forum and you will receive an email every time a new thread or post is added.

Ask the Instructor
The “Ask the Instructor” section is a journal that only you and your instructor can access. You can ask your instructor a question privately by posting a journal entry. They will be notified and then will respond with their comments. Note: This section is not to be used for submitting additional assignment or work for critique by the instructor. Please use Critic’s Corner for any work you would like additional critiques on.

Making the Most of the Time You Have
These workshops have been designed to allow you the flexibility to log in at your convenience, study and prepare your assignments as time allows, and to participate in group activities without requiring you to be online at a specific day and time. There are, however, some built-in time restrictions and deadlines that you need to be aware of.

Your assignment deadlines are listed on the dashboard and in the "submit assignment" section. Please adhere to those as closely as possible to allow your instructor sufficient time to read and respond to all assignments within the session. Assignments are typically due at end of day the Sunday after the session begins. The intention is that you will spend the first half of the session reading, studying and preparing your assignment, and the second half of the session participating in peer critiques, receiving and responding to your instructor's feedback, chatting on the message board, doing additional creative exercises if you like, and/or looking ahead to the next session. So, even though you can log in at any time, it's a good idea to get to the lecture and assignment as early as possible in each session to see what's in store. Once you have an idea how much material needs to be covered and what kind of assignment you'll be preparing, you can budget the rest of your workshop time appropriately.

Your Instructor
If you didn't check out your instructor's bio when you registered, be sure to do so before class starts. All of our instructors are published, professional writers and/or editors, as well as teachers, workshop leaders and/or writers' conference presenters. Your instructor has a professional background in the workshop subject, so he or she will be able to bring personal experience to the "classroom."

In addition to providing feedback on your writing assignments, your instructor will participate in message board discussions, answering questions posted there, making class announcements, and making sure that everyone stays involved. Your instructor is your coach and a valuable resource—don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas and address your specific writing concerns.

Your Fellow Students
A big part of the online workshop experience is the interaction you'll have with your peers. Unlike a traditional class, you won't be called on when you don't know the answer, and you won't be forced to get up in front of the class when you're not prepared. But class discussion is an important component of this program. You can learn from each other as well as from your instructor and the workshop materials. Be sure to introduce yourself during your first workshop session. It's not unusual for students to synchronize their online time in order to develop a more immediate discussion (although this is by no means necessary—the beauty of the asynchronous discussion is that you can participate at your convenience, even in the middle of the night). Cyberspace can feel like a lonely place sometimes, especially when no one knows you're there. So visit the message board often, make yourself known, make your voice heard—you and your classmates will benefit.

Student Services
Student Services contains technical and administrative support FAQs and contact numbers. If you have any questions about the workshop or how to use the site, that's the first place to go for help.

Where Do I find my feedback from the Instructor?

Thank you for choosing Writers Digest University. Go to www.writersdigestuniversity.com, click on “Student Login” and enter your username and password. These are case sensitive.

Once you are logged into Blackboard, you have two ways of getting to your instructor’s feedback. One way is to click on “Instructor Feedback” under the left hand menu and then click “View Full Comments”—which is found under the “Comments” area on the far right. If your screen is small you may have to scroll to the right to see it. The second option would be to click on “Session One” under the left hand course menu and then click “Submit Assignment.” Then, scroll down and read the Instructor Feedback.

Where do I find my due date for my assignments?

Thank you for choosing Writers Digest University. The due dates for your assignments are listed under the Instructor Feedback section as well as in the Submit Assignment area in each session.

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